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Node.js and the Concurrent Web
Posted At: 9/29/2012
Today I attended a Microsoft-sponsored event about Node.js, slightly odd since Node.js is not a Microsoft product and competes with Microsoft products. But Microsoft is making an effort to branch out in all directions so there we are. I learned a bit about what's been happening with Node.js for the last few years and where things are at now and it's very impressive.

The model of the web on which I grew up is: user makes a request, page is served, user makes another request, and so on. With Node.js and things like, one can easily build highly scalable websites with a much higher degree of interaction.

What does that mean for Nimble Travel users?

Imagine that you know you want to get from Denver to Las Vegas on the 13th of the month and you know you want to leave at about 8 in the morning and you know you don't want to pay more than $130 for the ticket. Now, you can feed all of that into our website now, get your results, and be on your way. But what if you could collaborate with a travel agent on the website while building your itinerary? What if you wanted to add a hotel and the travel agent could instantly give you NimbleCredits to make the purchase more affordable? What if you needed help being pointed to the Alaskan cruise with the most cabin credits available? What if you're planning a family trip and you wanted to get everyone involved in the same place to agree upon and book the same block of hotel rooms and air tickets, all on the Nimble Travel website? All of these things would be possible with the proper implementation. It won't be available in the upcoming Nimble2 revamp but I really want to look at it for Nimble3.

One of the reasons NimbleTravel is nimble is because I wanted to take the very latest and greatest and apply it to the travel industry, which traditionally really lags in terms of technology (if you don't believe me, look at the consoles and interfaces that most hotels and airlines still use). Things like Node.js are exciting to me because travel planning can be very much about collaboration either between the traveler and the agent or internally within the group of travelers. Authoring and offering tools to accomplish that is central to how I view Nimble's mission within the industry

John Hanna
Denver, CO
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